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AMFM Healthcare is a dynamic, mission-driven residential mental health treatment center dedicated to providing our clients with attainable, effective mental healthcare.

We’re seeking a Psychiatrist to join our growing team of medical and clinical professionals as we are venturing out and expanding AMFM Healthcare's mission to the adolescent population in Rancho Palos Verdes. The ideal candidate will be down-to-earth, flexible, team-oriented, and empathetic. This individual will often collaborate with our on-staff nurses and clinical team, as well as maintaining excellent communication with the Executive Director. Viable candidates must have extensive knowledge and experience in psychopharmacology and behavioral therapies, and have experience treating patients who live with acute mental illness. 

The in-person start date for this position is scheduled for December 2022, however, we are looking for someone to start as early as July 2022 for AMFM Healthcare's Virtual IOP Program (all work will be done remotely until the in-person start date).


  1. Must have an active and current Nurse Practitioner (NP), Medical Doctor (MD), or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) license in the state of California and board certified to be able to practice medicine independently.

  2. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Certificate preferred.

  3. Ability to pass all applicable state and federal background checks.

  4. Due to the nature of this position, scheduling flexibility is preferred.


Duties and Responsibilities:

The Adolescent Psychiatrist will be assigned projects, based on his/her level of expertise, that include any, or all the following job responsibilities. 

  1. Potential for Hybrid Work- Initial client evaluations are to be completed in person; weekly check-ins can be held remotely. 

  2. Conduct initial physical evaluations in-person within 72 hours of admission for clients at the primary residential facility.

  3. Work collaboratively under the Executive Director in performing regular and frequent quality medical care and monitoring of clients in an around the clock care facility on a contract basis.

  4. Conducting initial medical assessments for clients, and being available to assist the Executive Director in Pre-assessment and approval processes for the organization.

  5. Performing evaluations and assessments on a regular basis for all clients in the organization's care to treat routine illness- this can be completed remotely.

  6. Complete weekly follow up evaluations with clients on caseload, documenting appropriately into the organizations EHR system in accordance with payor guidelines and organizational best practices.

  7. Establishing and managing medical treatment plans as needed.

  8. Prescribing medications appropriate to the client's condition, monitoring the effects of the medications, and adjusting as required throughout the length of treatment.

  9. Liaise and communicate with the nursing staff in regards to changes in medication, updated information on client diagnoses, changes to or initial pharmacy orders, requisitioning of lab tests, and other needs as they arise.

  10. Effectively communicate with key staff in other departments such as the clinical team, program staff, upper administration, and UR/Billing.


About AMFM Healthcare

After the tragic loss of a beloved son due to mental illness, A Mission for Michael (AMFM Healthcare) was created with the vision of preventing such hopelessness in the lives of others. Our team is composed of individuals who have both the qualifications and the passion to take care of severe mental illness. In the field of mental healthcare, A Mission for Michael is unique. As you enter our facilities, you’ll soon notice that we’re different from most mental health treatment centers. With an intensive focus on clinical evidence-based treatment, along with personalized and compassionate care, we offer mental health treatment that changes lives.

AMFM Healthcare
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