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"I've received lots of e-mails regarding job opportunities, and I'm very pleased with this site."

Inez G.

Staten Island, NY
"I can truly say that this is the first site that I came across that really takes interest in the people to help them find work. Keep it up."

Gwendolyn D.

"Notified of a job that rarely becomes available in my area. Applied, got a call for an interview and hired within 24 hours. "

Kimberly B.

Semmes, AL
"After looking for some time, I was hired on full time at an AOD treatment center 5 miles from my home."

Rick S.

Rohnert Park, CA
"Best job search website for mental health jobs! I will definitely be back when I am looking for future positions! I have only great things to say about this resource! "

Marci K.

San Diego, CA
"This has been a very good resource to me, and I plan to definitely keep using it. I highly recommend it to others!"

Dawn C.

Laurel, MD
"iHireMentalHealth showed me what jobs were available in my area!"

Jennifer H.

Manlius, NY
"On iHireMentalHealth I was able to gather knowledge of required DEGREES for future education."

Francesca B.

San Rafael, CA
"I find iHire to be an excellent source of open positions. I like the scoring and the insight on how I might improve my resume to reflect how I do fit the position. Thanks iHire!"

Bryn - IHire is an excellent source of open positions ..

"IHireMentalHealth is very resourceful and alerting! It's a must have!"

Vonyee M.

West Newton, MA
"Kept me updated on openings in my geographical area!"

Holden, MA
"Great employment announcements!"

Nancy K.

Fullerton, CA
"Thank you very much for being specific in the area of job selection....."

Dr Nasim J.

"I would just like to say that iHireMentalHealth has done an excellent job in helping me in my career search. This company has been professional, accessible, and has provided me with a wide variety of options. I will continue to recommend this website to friends and colleagues. "

Jonathan P.

Troy, MI
"It was nice to see the variety of opportunities available on"

Daniella L.

Miami, FL
"The trial period was nice and the interface is very user friendly. "


Long Beach, CA
"Thank you,, keep up the excellent work."

David C.

Springfield, TN
"This site is Great. I found exactly what I needed. Better yet and affirming was the score shown of where my resume fit with the postings. Thank You. iHireMentalHealth helped me identify skills I possess that make me a more competitive candidate, helped me improve and optimize my resume and saved me time and effort during my job search. "

Judy W.

Lapeer, MI
"I've been overwhelmed by all the support I've received from iHire and others. I'm delighted to have finally landed a job (Yay)!"

Jan Elise S.

Berkeley, CA
"Sent me lots of job opportunities "

Dolores A.

Carthage, NC
"It provided me info to discover opportunites i didn't think were available. "

Pamoja N.

Snellville, GA
"iHireMentalHealth kept me abreast of those positions especially attuned to my skills and experience."


Herndon, VA
"I applied for a job I saw posted at iHireMentalHealth. I was contacted the next day for an interview, and am happily in my second month of employment with the company."

Larisa H.

De Pere, WI
"Great variety of job listings and kept me positive about my job search."


"Thanks iHireMentalHealth, I already received one phone call yesterday and I have a telephone interview scheduled for this afternoon. I hope the calls keep coming. Thanks again."

Nancy R.

Dickinson, ND
"I was able to gather knowledge of required DEGREES for future education on the iHireMentalHealth website."

Francesca B.

San Rafael, CA
"I found a job as a Behavioral Therapist in just a few days after using Thanks for everything!"

Renzhi Z.

Irvine, CA
"The website offered a variety of jobs and they were sorted effectively by date and suitability."

Matteo R.

Westminster, MD
"iHireMentalHealth motivated me to search for employment and improve my application materials package (cover letter, resume, application keywords...)"


Los Angeles, CA
"The emails were encouraging as it helped me see there were job opportunities out there. "

Danielle M.

Miami, FL
"iHireMentalHealth is easy to use and employers are actively seeking."

Malissa A.

Jamaica, NY
"A great way to find employment that meets my job requirements."

Latrice N.

Valparaiso, IN
"iHire is a great help because it focused solely on opportunities within the profession of mental health in my area."

Victor "Paul" S.

Salem, OR
"Found a position and very good fit for me!"

Lissa B.

Rock Hill, SC
"With iHireMentalHealth, I have saved a lot of time searching for jobs. The details of the job exceed newspaper ads, I have jobs sent to me that I qualify for, and jobs that are within my salary expectations. They cut through a lot of the work and I appreciate it!!!"

kimberly C.

Anaheim, CA
"Found a great part time job in my field within a few weeks of beginning the search process and am now looking forward to starting in mid January! Thanks iHireMentalHealth! "


Paso Robles, CA
"After becoming a premium member and receiving assistance with my resume, I received an interview and job offer. I am so thankful to God for this site!"

Annette D.

Goodyear, AZ
"iHire is an excellent tool for honing in the mental health industry that goes beyond Indeed."

Matthew W.

Spokane, WA
"Gave me the confidence that I still have the necessary skills to be a Therapist."


Minneapolis, MN
"Using provided me with very little help. Then I found and employed iHire. Within two weeks I started getting regular job opportunities and also employers contacting me ! After about two months, I got a call from an employer with an invitation to interview, based on my iHire online information. I did so and was hired two weeks later at what I consider my dream job in mental health. I strongly recommend iHire because it works. Get busy and register today, you won't regret it."

Mark C.

Wenatchee, WA
"It helped me to see what was available in my area and expanded the descriptions I needed to look at."

Mary Russell

Perris, CA
"This site was instrumental in procuring interviews and sparking ideas about where to look for work! Thank you!"

Renee D.

Silver Spring, MD
"Thank you for allowing me to share my talents. This is a nice website!"

Delton M.

Seattle, WA
"iHireMentalHealth was very user-friendly. I had many options to choose from and they were all laid out neatly for me to sort through."

Dom - User Friendly

"This website is very helpful in finding a job in the mental health field. Thank you very much."

Phyllis L.

Spring Valley, NY