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Maria Windisch

What I liked best about was the ability to be very specific and detailed about what exactly a candidate needed to meet our job qualifications. This helped disqualify applicants that did not meet the requirements and provided me with candidates that had the qualifications I was looking for. This also saved me time, since I did not contact candidates who did not meet our qualifications.

Maria Windisch, Director of Human Resources
The Psychological Center

Ann Lewis

A search for mental health professionals is not easy, but made the process, simple, enjoyable, and satisfying. The information we received on each candidate made the initial screening effective because it gave us an opportunity to discretely review their professional history before scheduling interviews. All of the candidates I interviewed were outstanding! We had a generous response to our ad. If we need mental health professionals in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to use this service!

Ann Lewis
A. Lewis & Associates, P.A.

Deborah Theis

I have been using for the past six (6) months. I have been extremely pleased with the service and the number of qualified candidates that have responded to the advertisement. I will definitely continue to use this resource for all my hiring needs in the future.

Deborah Theis, Ph.D./Sr Regional Clinical Services Mgr
Deer Oaks - A Behavioral Health Organization.

Kendall Williams

Having received numerous correspondences from, I was somewhat reluctant to try the service at first. One day however, I received an offer almost too good to be true from them. I contacted the sales and promotion department about placing my ad. I can't tell you how surprised I was to receive so many responses within a few short days. I had numerous resumes to choose from, and still have on file to this day. I recommend using this service, if you have tried everything and gotten back poor results. Better yet, why waste your time, unless it's "Only money" to you.

Kendall Williams, Owner
Fresh Start, Inc.

Paul Fitzgerald

This is the first time that the Wreath School of New Hampshire Inc., has used to recruit for its clinical department. I was quite impressed with the user-friendly menu and range of responses to our advertising. The Wreath School has hired one of these candidates. Of note also is the fact that I was kept informed when a match was made. This indeed saved a lot of time on my part. I was also impressed with the quick response to any questions that the school had with respect to editing or modifying the advertisement. I would definitely use these services again.

Paul Fitzgerald, Director of Human Resources
Wreath School of New Hampshire

Rosalind Goldfarb

Thank you for your assistance . I received a response in two days and am in the process of reviewing the candidates.

Rosalind Goldfarb
Circle Treatment Center

Maria Hernandez

I've posted these jobs on other sites, but have not had the positive results that were generated by The benefit of having candidates respond to requirements that are then weighted by your website makes the difference. I've yet to hire anyone, but I posted on Friday and today is the followoing Monday, and I have already contacted a candidate for an interview! Those are positive results. Thank you.

Maria Hernandez
Alianza Dominicana

James Morgan

I find it very useful to control the initial decision to make contact and to document contacts with candidates that are prescreened to fit my job description. The service is well worth the price.

James Morgan
Integrated Pain Center of Wyoming

Loida Olmeda

We have found iHire to be one of the most effective methods of attracting high quality applicants from across the nation or specific geographical areas. The nature of our business has made it very difficult to identify and attract the perfect fit for our organization. I posted two jobs today, and in a matter of minutes, I started receiving applicant email alerts. The response format is very user friendly for pre-screening. The email alerts are a wonderful way to keep track of our responses and manage our recruiting campaigns. The effectiveness of iHire has been excellent. We will continue to use iHire as the preferred medium for our recruitment.

Loida Olmeda, Manager, HR & Training
Healthcare Financial, Inc.

Deanna Ekholm

We have used iHire in the past and have been very satisfied with the results. I cannot pinpoint how many of our employees have come from iHire, but I do know that I am always impressed with the resumes that come through, and sometimes just having 6 or so good resumes to sift through is success in itself. Using iHire is a simple and seamless process; from placing the ad to receiving resumes, everything is laid out and easy to do, and you cannot beat the price. It has proven to be very cost effective for our small non-profit budget, with one 60-day posting costing only $175. The job market is a tough place right now, and being a mental health facility, it is hard to know where to turn to find qualified candidates. Using iHire, we are able to look at resumes of people who are specifically looking for our type of work.

Deanna Ekholm, Human Resources
Project Pathfinder, Inc.

Within 48 hours of placing the ad, I received a resume from one very highly skilled candidate who was hired.

Marwa Nachar

We received a response in less than 48 hours after posting the job!!!

Marwa Nachar
Boston Health Care Inc

Kevin Domingos

I have used iHireMentalHealth to hire staffing (such as Speech and Language pathologists, School Psychologists and Neuropsychologists) for my company......... They are great!

Kevin Domingos
Domingos and Associates

Uri Hirsch

I have used iHire regularly. The responses have been almost immediate, and for the most part, they have the candidate narrowed down to what I am looking for. This is a very efficient online service.

Uri Hirsch, President
Bridges to Recovery

Ray Brown

Second viable candidate in just one week. So far, this has been the best recruiting tool used by us for this level of employee search.

Ray Brown
Canyon Lakes Residential Treatment Center

Ray Brown

In the first week after posting a seeming viable candidate was connected with us. Interviews are to be arranged within the next few days. The process of setting up the posting and following the results was easy and the price was more than reasonable. I have hopes that this will result in a hire for a job that has been open almost a year. We would certainly use the service again based on what has happened thus far.

Ray Brown
Canyon Lakes Residential Treatment Center

Within 48 hours of placing the ad, I received a resume from one very highly skilled candidate who was hired.

Marcia Ruttenberg

CPES is a 25 yr. old human service agency supporting the disability and severe mental illness population. We have over 50 supported living and adult day care sites in Tucson and have ongoing needs for staff. We posted on for a residential supervisor and received a number of good resumes for the position. Unfortunately, our needs were immediate and the resumes were out of state. However, it certainly proved that the site gets the job done and can deliver in a short period of time. Thank you!

Marcia Ruttenberg, HR Recruiter