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  • Gunn Psychological Services, Inc.
  • Rancho Cucamonga, California
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We are a group private practice looking for child and/or adult psychologists/neuropsychologists, specializing in psychological testing, to join our team. This position is available only to psychologists who are licensed in the state of California. The psychologist will function independently and can work at their own pace and within their own schedule, but with the support of a full administrative team. Compensation is based on a percentage of the fee collected for the work that is performed. Therefore, the psychologist's pay will depend upon the amount of assessments s/he wishes to perform. The assessments may be conducted in our Rancho Cucamonga and/or Pasadena offices. The qualified individual could begin as soon as possible.

Psychologists especially enjoy the autonomy and flexibility of working with our group. We have no billablehours requirements, no case load requirements and no requirement to work with specific diagnoses. We do our best to understand the type of client that you feel most comfortable with and only assign you clients who meet those criteria. However, if a client assigned to you were to have struggles that are outside of your competence or comfort level, then we will work to find a new psychologist for that client. We believe that your clinical intake session (i.e. the first session) is designed for the client to make sure you are a good match for them and for you to determine if you are a good match for the client. We trust your professional clinical judgment to determine if you wish to add the client to your case load.

It is also worth noting that paperwork requirements are minimal. For billing purposes, psychologists are only required to indicate to us if a session occurred, what services were provided (e.g. face-to-face testing, scoring, record review, etc) and what diagnosis code is being assigned to the client. This process takes less than a minute per client once the psychologist is familiar with the system. For report-writing purposes, we have templates available to assist in timely and efficient completion of the report. Otherwise, the only paperwork requirements include basic documentation that is consistent with professional mental health practice (e.g. completing your professional report).

Please note, again, we are looking for psychologists/neuropsychologists who are qualified to conduct psychological testing and report writing with children and/or adults. This is NOT a training position. Only individuals with experience in psychological testing who can provide services independently should apply. Spanish-speaking is also a plus, but not required. Some services can be conducted remotely, such as the intake and feedback sessions. Testing is conducted in-person with appropriate precautions in place during COVID-19. Please feel free to visit our website and email with questions or to express interest in the position.

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