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The Institute for HEALing, LLC (iHEAL) is an accredited outpatient mental health clinic that is dedicated to holistic health and growth. Based in Owings Mills, we offer a variety of services all aimed at creating a healthier, more culturally-sensitive society. There are four divisions of iHEAL: Health, Education/Training, Advocacy, and Leadership. Each division is dedicated to healing and growth in its respective area. Mission Providing culturally-sensitive and comprehensive wellness services for individuals and communities. Vision To foster a healthier, more culturally-sensitive society by: * Providing comprehensive mental health treatment for individuals and families (Health Division) * Offering training and consultation services to professionals, community advocates, and businesses (Education/Training Division) * Promoting social justice for under-represented and underserved groups (Advocacy Division) * Developing next generation leaders (Leadership Division)

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